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Future Planning

Churchlands Senior High School has recently undergone building works to cater for all our students. We are thankful to our community for being so patient over this period of time.

We now have outstanding facilities were our students can strive.

Additional capital works

Churchlands had undertaken a feasibility study to build a new 50m Olympic sized swimming pool which will be located adjacent to the existing pool. Since recent preliminary forensic engineering investigation results were supplied to the school, a Business Case has been completed for the Department and BMW on our needs and capacity to build a new pool. Besides the engineering results showing that the area is suitable to construct such a pool, it was also indicate that the existing pool on being emptied and resurfaced with tiles, can have an additional thirty year lifespan. 

A steering committee will be convened sometime in early August to commence the development process once BMW gives approval to proceed. Hopefully this will result in a fantastic “aquatic” precinct for our school and will be available for use by relevant community sporting clubs.

The school is also undertaking planning to build additional office space to accommodate administration numbers required to manage a school of our size.