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On Your Own Model

From 2016 parents and students will also have the choice, if after evaluating the options and risks, to opt to purchase a windows laptop from any vendor as long as it meets the minimum specifications set by the school.


It must be stressed from the onset if parents choose to opt to go it on their own there can be no support from the school and school personnel apart from:

  • Ensure wifi is enabled and your child is able to connect ie correct username and password (max 10 mins).
  • Provide a list of software and order of installation.
  • Provide some useful FAQ on the school website.
  • Greater choice in terms of model and specifications.
  • Lower up front costs.
  • No support from the school if things do not work.
  • Need to purchase, load and configure software.
  • You are on your own to sort out warranty claims or resolve issues.

Free Office 2016 Pro Plus

The school established an Office 365 tenant for 2017. This is a "cloud platform with a variety of learning tools, online emails, one drive and the ability to download and install OFFICE 2016 for every student at the school. To access this, students will need to login to the Office 365 Portal using their Churchlands username and password.

Important documents

Document Name Type Size
NAPLAN Browser Installation Instruction pdf0.18MB
Acceptable Use Policy pdf0.11MB


Can I use a Mac at School under the On Your Own Model?

Churchlands Senior High School is a Microsoft Windows School. To guarantee the experience of students when using ICT we require that all laptops used at school are Microsoft Windows recommended. A Mac will connect to the school however not all software (especially the plugins for Microsoft Onenote) will work.

Why are the minimum specifications what they are?

The minimum specifications were decided over a period of time by the schools ICT committee. We have tried to find a balance between affordability, user experience and future proofing.

Can I use Libre Office, Open Office etc. instead of Microsoft Office 2016?

No. All of the schools programs are designed with Microsoft Office in mind, and for this reason we must insist on Microsoft Office 2016 for all students. Please be aware that Microsoft Office 2016 is provided at no cost to students at Churchlands SHS.

Why do I need a corporate grade anti Virus?

The school is a large ICT environment, and would generally be viewed as a large corporate entity for ICT. For this reason, a corporate grade anti virus is important to ensure your students laptops are as safe as possible.

Are there any laptops you recommend for the On Your Own Model?

We are unable to make any specific recommendations for laptops on the On Your Own Model. The school has found over the last three years that the Full Service Model has been very successful in providing high levels of usability, and support for students and families and have found it the best for overall user experience here at Churchlands.