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Courses & Programs


The School of Music provides 3 different streams for music study:

  • 7-10 Gifted and Talented Music Course
  • 7-10 General Music Course
  • 11-12 Music Course

Below you can find the courses' outline.

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Outreach Program

The School of Music provides an outreach program to primary schools in our area. This involves making small student performing groups available to visit a primary school to demonstrate orchestral and band instruments within the context of a short (approx. 60 minute) interactive and highly entertaining presentation. All performers are of an excellent standard and the program presented varies from year to year. Typically this program operates in the last weeks of term 4 as that is when we have maximum flexibility with regards taking our students out of school. If you are interested in having this group come to your school please contact Mirelle Hopwood on 9441 1732 to discuss what is possible.