Ensemble Auditions

Each year at the end of Term 3, our performing ensembles cease to exist and all instrumental students go through an audition process to determine which ensemble and position they will fill for the following 12 months.

Audition music is made available about ten days before the date of auditions and is set by the IMSS (instrumental) staff.
It is typically available at a range of levels with students, in consultation with their instrumental teacher, preparing both excerpts for the level that best reflects their ability.
Students attend their scheduled audition time on the last Saturday of term.

Results are emailed to parents by the final day of Term 3. This allows the panels and ensemble directors time to carefully review results before placing students into the most appropriate ensemble. Final placement takes into account the audition performance, consultation with instrumental teachers, vacancies in ensembles, and the social and emotional well-being of all students within the music program.

Bassoon Excerpts

Document Name Type Size
Bassoon - Easy pdf0.36MB
Bassoon - Medium Easy pdf0.35MB
Bassoon - Medium Difficult pdf0.36MB
Bassoon - Difficult pdf0.62MB

Cello Excerpts

Document Name Type Size
Cello - Easy pdf0.19MB
Cello - Medium Easy pdf0.29MB
Cello - Medium Difficult pdf0.3MB
Cello - Difficult pdf1.07MB

Clarinet Excerpts

Document Name Type Size
Clarinet - Easy pdf0.45MB
Clarinet - Medium Easy pdf0.52MB
Clarinet - Medium Difficult pdf0.76MB
Clarinet - Difficult pdf1.04MB

Double Bass Excerpts

Document Name Type Size
Double Bass - Easy pdf0.2MB
Double Bass - Medium Easy pdf0.31MB
Double Bass - Medium Difficult pdf0.31MB
Double Bass - Difficult pdf0.45MB

Euphonium Excerpts

Document Name Type Size
Euphonium - Easy pdf0.18MB
Euphonium - Medium Easy pdf0.28MB
Euphonium - Medium Difficult pdf0.45MB
Euphonium - Difficult pdf0.45MB

Flute Excerpts

Document Name Type Size
Flute - Easy pdf0.28MB
Flute - Medium Easy pdf0.5MB
Flute - Medium Difficult pdf0.52MB
Flute - Difficult pdf0.73MB

Horn Excerpts

Document Name Type Size
Horn - Easy pdf0.32MB
Horn - Medium Easy pdf0.47MB
Horn - Medium Difficult pdf0.3MB
Horn - Difficult pdf0.44MB

Jazz Guitar

Document Name Type Size
Jazz Guitar pdf0.76MB

Oboe Excerpts

Document Name Type Size
Oboe - Easy pdf0.29MB
Oboe - Medium Easy pdf0.51MB
Oboe - Medium Difficult pdf0.52MB
Oboe - Difficult pdf0.58MB

Percussion Excerpts

Document Name Type Size
Percussion - Easy pdf0.28MB
Percussion - Medium Easy pdf0.39MB
Percussion - Medium Difficult pdf0.63MB
Percussion - Difficult pdf0.64MB

Saxophone Excerpts

Document Name Type Size
Saxophone - Easy pdf0.49MB
Saxophone - Medium Easy pdf0.53MB
Saxophone - Medium Difficult pdf0.63MB
Saxophone - Difficult pdf0.61MB

Trombone Excerpts

Document Name Type Size
Trombone - Easy pdf0.18MB
Trombone - Medium Easy pdf0.28MB
Trombone - Medium Difficult pdf0.45MB
Trombone - Difficult pdf0.45MB

Trumpet Excerpts

Document Name Type Size
Trumpet - Easy pdf0.22MB
Trumpet - Medium Easy pdf0.29MB
Trumpet - Medium Difficult pdf0.41MB
Trumpet - Difficult pdf0.49MB

Tuba Excerpts

Document Name Type Size
Tuba - Easy pdf0.3MB
Tuba - Medium Easy pdf0.27MB
Tuba - Medium Difficult pdf0.31MB
Tuba - Difficult pdf0.41MB

Viola Excerpts

Document Name Type Size
Viola - Easy pdf0.38MB
Viola - Medium Easy pdf0.67MB
Viola - Medium Difficult pdf0.99MB
Viola - Difficult pdf0.76MB

Violin Excerpts

Document Name Type Size
Violin - Easy pdf0.29MB
Violin - Medium Easy pdf0.31MB
Violin - Medium Difficult pdf0.51MB
Violin - Difficult pdf0.7MB