Exam practise sessions

To encourage Year 11 and 12 students to complete some practice papers ahead of their exam, the English staff have volunteered their time to supervise after school sessions where they will set exam practice papers, ensure students are not disturbed, and keep track of time just like in the real exam.  

They'll also be providing students with a marking key at the end of the hour session so they can evaluate their performance.

The Elevate organisation we employ to instruct our students on forming positive study habits has found that A grade students tend to be the ones who complete more sample papers ahead of their exams. Various distractions can get in the way of students completing these at home so these sessions would be an excellent opportunity for you to spend an uninterrupted hour completing a section of a sample exam paper.

Places are limited, but you may attend more than one session. If you feel that you want to focus on the Comprehending section, for example, 3 different samples of that section will be available for you to choose from and supervising teachers will run the session under exam conditions. As such, please be prepared to arrive promptly to your session and abide by regular test rules.

8 sessions will be run in total and they will take place after school in weeks 2-4.  Dates and times are printed on sign-up sheets that have been posted on the wall outside of the English office.  Places are limited (25 students per session) so students should get in quick to sign up. Make sure to bring a pen!

Sign up!  We really believe that these sessions will make a difference to your results.

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