Parent Open Night for Y8 English Academic Extension class

  • Middle School

The Year Eight Academic Extension class for English recently had an open night so that parents could come along and see the amazing work they’d been doing on their poetic conventions task. This task, a collaboration between Ms Rebecca Lundy’s and Ms Emma Lawson’s English classes, and Ms Beth Harcourt from Art, asked students to demonstrate their understanding of theme and poetic conventions visually, providing a written explanation of their process. 

The students surpassed the task with their outstanding work, and on the night their parents were blown away by what they had achieved.  There was a huge range of pieces nominated for the People’s Choice Award, but the clear winner was Finn Lowry for his piece ‘Open Your Eyes’, a sophisticated exploration of the two thematically linked poems ‘Awareness of Our Environment by Sylvia Stults, and ‘How Beautiful the World Is’ by an anonymous source.  

Thank you to all the people who came, it was really wonderful to see the student’s get the opportunity for their hard work to be acknowledged and appreciated by their friends and family.  

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