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Meet our Head Boy and Head Girl for 2018

  • Senior School

We thought it would be a great idea to interview our Head Boy and Girl so that our community could get to know them a little bit better.They represent our school at board meetings, official events, student council meetings and much more. They are role models and the voice of our student body.

Shrushti Jethva and Ethan Blume are this year’s leaders and they make a great team.

So, tell us why did you want to become a Head Boy and Head Girl?
S: I have been part of the school council since Year 8 so it seemed like the next natural step to take and give back to the school.
E: The idea of giving back to school whilst also bettering ourselves through this opportunity sounded quite appealing. It also great for scholarships and resumes.

Is the role what you had expected?
S: It hasn’t been as busy as we thought it would be. We have learnt to delegate and feel quite supported by everyone around us.
E: It has felt a little less stressful than what I had anticipated. But a lot teachers have pointed out that this year’s student council has been very organised so that helped take some pressure of our shoulders.

What are you enjoying the most about the position so far?
S: Talking at assemblies. Meeting people you wouldn’t normally come across.
E: Getting a better rapport with the teachers and just realising how supportive and helpful they are.

What do you you want to be remembered for in the school?
S: Being approachable and representing all students.
E: A Head boy that always had the students best interest at heart.

When you think of yourself as a leader what qualities define you?
S: A Head Girl with a democratic and collaborative approach.
E: Good listener. We both have a very similar style of leadership, we are not afraid to speak our mind but we are not the only two people that come up with ideas. We help each other and are very flexible working as a team.

What advice would you give to the future Head Boy and Girl?
S: Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Be proactive, delegate and remember you don’t have to be perfect.
E: Don’t be afraid to consult with the teachers and have good communication with each other. 

What do you want to study?
S: Medicine – Neuroscience.
E: Double degree in Law and Psychology. 

What are your favourite subjects?
S: Physics and French.
E: Psychology and Politics and Law. 

Famous personality that inspires you?
S: Priyanka Chopra and Chris Evans (Captain America)
E: Bondi Rescue boys and Hugh Jackman.

What hobbies have helped you through Y12?
E: Surfing
S: Watching old movies. 

Is there anyone you are particularly grateful to, for helping you through this Year 12 experience?
E: Shrushti and my parents and siblings
S: I was about to say you as well! And my parents of course. 
Also big thanks to Mr Chapman, Mr Galvin, Ms Wogan, Mr Coles, Ms Lebihan, Ms Shearing, Mr Campbell and Susan, the Chaplain. 

I would like to thank these wonderful and talented young students, Ethan and Shrushti for sparing some time during their break for this interview. You are an inspiration to all our students.

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