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Intake Area

Current intake area map (as of 2020)

Current local intake area (as of 2020)

The local intake area for Churchlands SHS school has been amended following the opening of Bob Hawke College in 2020.

If you currently live in our school’s local intake area and, with the changes, you will live in a new local intake area – please click on the link below for clarification.

Please find further information about changes to local intake areas on the Department of Education's website.

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Intake area map prior to 2020

Intake area prior to 2020

The following defines the local-intake area for non optional areas of Churchlands Senior High School:

From a point on the Indian Ocean coastline due west of the junction of West Coast Highway and Rochdale Road, east from the coastline to this junction, north along West Coast-Highway to Oceanic Drive, east along Oceanic Drive and its extension into Cambridge Street, east along Cambridge Street to Gregory Street, north along Gregory Street to the junction with Wise Street, east from this junction through Lake Monger to the -Mitchell Freeway, north west along the Mitchell Freeway to Scarborough Beach Road, north west and west along Scarborough Beach Road and its western extension to the coastline, and south along the coastline to a point due west of the junction of West Coast Highway and Rochdale Road.

The boundary parts of West Coast Highway (west side), Oceanic Drive (north side), Cambridge Street (north side), Gregory Street (both sides), Mitchell Freeway (west side) and Scarborough Beach Road (south side) are included within the local-intake area of this school.

Optional intake area

Please note optional intake areas are those where parents can choose between two or more high schools. It is the parents' choice to decide which school they would like to send their child to, and if the choice is Churchlands Senior High School we will accept your enrolment application.

Please find below description of our optional intake areas.

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