Academic Extension Program

The Academic Extension Program provides selected gifted students with learning opportunities that provide intellectual challenge to excel academically and fosters the development of positive attitudes to cooperate constructively, which ensure our school values are enacted. Each learning area provides extracurricular extension activities in each year group.

The AEP has two streams:
• Maths / Science
• Humanities and Social Sciences / English.

Students may participate in one or both streams. Each stream has one or two classes.

Selection of students is based on testing conducted by ACER. The test is the Higher Ability Selection Test (HAST), which is conducted in Year 6 for the following years intake of Year 7s.

All enquiries regarding the functioning of the program should be directed to the relevant Associate Principal.

At Churchlands Senior High School we welcome all prospective students from within our intake area. We may also accept a limited number of students residing outside our catchment area and we encourage academically gifted students to apply.

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