House System Logos

House System

The House system aims to:

  • Increase student identification with the school, their house and form.
  • Provide students with leadership opportunities.
  • Encourage interest in school activities through healthy, positive competition between Houses.
  • Recognise a range of student achievements through the use of House points.

Information about House activities and a House Point tally is provided on the House notice board situated near Student Services. Student House Leaders will be selected to represent each year group. They will have special responsibilities, including meetings with their House Leaders, providing student feedback about House activities and helping with the organisation, advertising and running of House activities.

Forms and School activities such as swimming and athletics carnivals are organised on a House basis. The Houses are Brighton (red) represented by the sea dragon, Floreat (blue) represented by the marlin, Scarborough (gold) represented by the shark and Trigg (green) represented by the stingray. Students will be awarded House Points through participation in activities and as a reward for positive behaviours.

House Coordinators

House Coordinators are the first point of call for parents.

The Coordinators’ major role is to look after the pastoral care needs and well-being of the students in their particular year group or year. They also monitor student welfare, attendance, academic progress and liaise with all other members of the school community. Parents are invited to make an appointment with the relevant Coordinator if they have any concerns, especially those which go beyond one class.

2020 House Coordinators

Year Brighton Floreat Scarborough Trigg
7Ms Sandra HarveyMr Douglas CoxMs Tara DullabhMs Mollie McPhail
8Mr Tom WernerMs Tamlin DobrichMs David WalkerMs Helena Duffy
9Ms Caroline CoatesMs Miyanna StretchMr Tim MortonMs Kristi Collins
10Ms Michael BarrMs Paige EveringhamMs Meg HowardMs Rebecca Killeen
11Ms Ganga NarendranathanMs Megan EdwardsMr John PollandMs Kym Lucchesi
12Ms Christine FontaineMr Roger HarrisMs Jo ChapmanMr Richard Massang