Board Room

School Board

The School Board works with the Principal, staff and school community to support the delivery of the highest quality education for all students, as their learning needs are the primary consideration of the school.

Role of the Board

  • In consultation with staff and the school community, develop and review the school compact and planning to ensure that the education policy of the school is consistent with its goals and priorities;
  • Review and approve the school budget and financial planning processes;
  • Be responsible for school facilities, buildings and grounds and ensure that an ongoing improvement process is employed for;
  • Monitor the implementation of board decisions and ensure transparency in the decision making process and open reporting of these decisions;
  • Provide advice, support and encouragement to the Principal, staff, students and parents in their educational endeavours;
  • Promote community involvement in the operation of the school through canvassing and considering its views on major policy decisions, plus a process of regular reporting and dissemination of information;
  • Approve the annual report which will be made available to the school community;
  • Monitor the implementation and achievement of compact goals and priorities;
  • Recognise, cater for and utilise the diversity (eg cultural and educational) within the school community;
  • Protect confidentiality to ensure the welfare of the school individuals and its community.

For more information please refer to the School Board – Terms of Reference and the Chair’s Report (below) on the performance of the Board’s functions.