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Are you interested in a career in teaching at Churchlands Senior High School?

Why choose the Churchlands way?
Churchlands Senior High School is unique in many ways. Our facilities are exceptional, ICT management for staff and students is special, Our Quality Teaching and Learning Framework (QT&LF) provides coherent and practical instructional guidance and we focus on developing future system leaders.

Quality Teaching and Learning Framework
Our QT&LF was endorsed by staff for the commencement of 2023 after undergoing four years of development and trial, and all current and new teachers are expected to use this as a guide to their pedagogical approach to lessons. It is based on the lesson design structures of Madeleine Hunter, engages students using a range of instructional strategies and tactics and employs formative assessment as a means for student reflection. Use of ICT as an instructional tool is both encouraged and expected with all staff skilled in the use of OneNote and Microsoft Teams which enable our teachers to transition seamlessly to online learning as was a likely outcome during the COVID years.

Churchlands ICT
Churchlands ICT remains outside of the Education Department framework, enabling teachers and students to access the latest technologies with guaranteed speed and continuity. The school operates on an expectation of student 'bring your own device' (BYOD) with support provided for those in need. Our platform only supports PC (not Mac) and every three years teachers are provided with a new loan laptop (free) configured to our environment with the latest software updates, making these consistent with student BYODs. New teachers will be provided with these on commencement.

Churchlands Facilities
Churchlands has amazing new buildings housing Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, Health and Physical Education, Technology and the Arts. Our music facilities, practice rooms and Concert Hall are unlike any school in Australia. All classrooms are airconditioned (recycled), fitted with Wi-Fi and have either short throw data projectors or Smart TVs. Our Sports Hall has two internal basketball courts, fitted with two 5-metre video walls and video streaming to our Concert hall. School ovals are self-managed thus kept in immaculate condition, our modern eight lane pool is heated for all year round use and a STEM build centre is our most recent addition.

Churchlands Leadership
The Churchlands Leadership artefact which represents our ethos of and three dimensions of leadership at Churchlands Senior High School. This summarises our belief around leadership with the school actively supporting those who are aspirational in this profession. In house short term programs, funding for external programs, leadership opportunities, mentoring and internal acting roles are all aspects of our approach.

Employment Opportunities
Prospective teachers should contact the school Principal for further information about employment opportunities at Churchlands Senior High School.

All our job vacancies are advertised through the WA Government Jobs Board.

If you are interested in relief teaching and non-teaching opportunities, please complete the application below and send via email to our Relief Coordinator

Our staff play a key role in Churchlands Senior High School' success, and we are dedicated to attracting and retaining top professionals.