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Tours & Programs

Churchlands is a school of opportunity and therefore, we offer a variety of programs and tour experiences.


Australian Football League (AFL) Program

Churchlands Senior High School AFL Program for Australian Rules Football is designed to enhance students’ talent and ability in the sport. It is suitable for students with a special interest in the game and applicants should have above average skills and display an exemplary attitude towards the game.

The Churchlands SHS program's partnership with the Claremont Football Club allows students to access the best facilities and coaching the region has to offer.

The program will commence in Year 7 and students can have the option of continuing through to Year 10. Each year group will be exposed to two lessons per week which will be football focussed. During the warmer months, pre-season will involve swimming before the emphasis is changed to skill development. On completion of the whole program, students will have gained invaluable experience in skills, strategy and game play tactics.

Selection into Year 7 AFL Program will be through a practical trial conducted in the previous year at the end of Term 3.

Students involved in the program will have the opportunity to participate in various interschool competitions. They will also be exposed to matches against other specialist schools.

Specially designed training jumpers and shorts will be provided to students and these are to be worn throughout all training sessions at school.

Swimming Cadets Program

The program is a combination of training in the school pool with coach Ms Pauline Pratt, working with Surf Life Saving WA at various beaches, and having opportunities to try other water based activities.

Ms Pauline Pratt as our skills and technique coach will be taking one period per week as a training session, to work
on technique and fitness. The main supporter of the program is the Department of Communities, working in conjunction with Surf Life Saving WA and Churchlands SHS. This partnership will help to add value to our program by providing funding for Surf Life Saving WA to conduct training with our students. This includes courses such as a Surf Rescue Certificate, Advanced Resuscitation and Beach Activities. It will also be used to pay for other activities such as Swim Coaching, Body Boarding, Surfing and Coral Bay Camp in Years 9 and 10.

The aim of the cadets program is to have students and community members trained in the ways of first aid and water safety to increase community involvement and to be of use in the event of an emergency.

Workplace Learning Program

Workplace Learning is a program that provides an opportunity for a student to demonstrate, and develop increasing competence in, the core skills for work, often referred to as generic, transferable or employability skills.

A student learns to apply and adapt the workplace skills that are necessary to understand and carry out different types of work, and that play a key role in lifelong learning. Along with providing opportunities for students to develop skills in the workplace it also encourages students to build up a network of industry contacts and obtain credit towards their WACE. Workplace Learning at Churchlands SHS is delivered as an Endorsed Program and will be one of the six subjects studied by students in their Senior Secondary School years.

The endorsed program is based on the skills, knowledge and understandings that underpin successful participation
in work. These skills are documented in the Core Skills for Work Developmental Framework, developed collaboratively by the Department of Industry and the Department of Education. At the completion of each placement students are required to reflect on their learning and communicate their understandings in a Skills Journal that directly correlates to the Core Skills for Work. Students are required to maintain a Log Book containing a record of tasks completed, an attendance record and a formal
evaluation from the Host Employer. Both these documents are evaluated and form the evidence to demonstrate the completion of this program. Workplace Learning is only available to students who are completing predominately Non ATAR subjects as the work placements are completed during the exam period.

Special Basketball Program

The Special Basketball Program provides a high-quality course of study for students to further develop and enhance their fundamental skills whilst refining their tactical and strategical knowledge of the game of Basketball. Students are also given the chance to develop life skills such as leadership, teamwork, fair play, competitiveness, responsibility and community involvement in the context of a team sport. Semester One has a focus on 3v3 Basketball while Semester Two concentrates on 5v5 Basketball.

The program also provides:

  • Development of individual and team skills
  • Development of skills in refereeing, coaching and statistical analysis
  • Opportunities to participate in state and international competitions including our U.S.A. Basketball tour
  • Basketball related fitness testing and development of programs to improve individual fitness
  • Video analysis of individual skill performance and team structures
  • Understanding of physiological requirements for Basketball at an elite level
  • Information relating to diet and nutrition
  • Pathway into ATAR Physical Education Studies
  • Pathway into Sports Coaching
  • Pathway into Senior Chargers


National tours

National tours include;

  • Drama tour to the Eastern states (Term 1 holidays)
  • Canberra tour to Federal Parliament (September every second year)
  • Coral Bay tour (May each year for AEP Year 8 students)
International tours

Language tours

Students who are actively studying a language often have the opportunity to travel to France or Japan on cultural exchanges. These tours traditionally take place in April or September and usually include a week of school plus school holiday time.

As part of this exchange program students from these countries regularly visit Churchlands SHS and are billeted by families of current students. These exchanges provide a rich opportunity for students to develop their language skills and social network.

Music Tour

Information can be found under Music Tours and occur every three years.

New Zealand Ski Tour

The ski tour to New Zealand is an annual event on the Churchlands SHS calendar. This ten day tour occurs in the first week of the October school holidays and is open to all Year 10-12 students. To be considered for the tour, students must be independent, well organised and reliable and have an exemplary school record. The tour of the South Island includes five days of skiing as well as a variety of cultural activities.

Students learn how to be independent travellers and global citizens as they are immersed in a slightly different culture. Applications are open each year from early February.

NOTE: Students participation on tours is at the discretion of the school. Only those students who are financial and have demonstrated a commitment to the school's ethos and values will be considered. Students will participate on the understanding that the school reserves the right to withdraw a student from any tour based on behaviour concerns. If this occurs when deposits are no longer refundable, parents will bear this cost.

Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Logo Duke of Edinburgh

Churchlands Senior High School is proud to offer The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award to our students. The Award is an internationally recognised program that acknowledges the diverse activities and skills which participants are committed too. During their time achieving the Award, a student will develop new skills and interests; meet new friends while strengthening current friendships and be rewarded for their efforts.

The Award is a leading structured youth development program, empowering all young Australians between age 14 to 24 to explore their full potential regardless of their location or circumstance. It is a fully inclusive program and has no social, political, or religious affiliations. Students are able to use both extracurricular school activities and club or personal pursuits in the community towards their Award.

Although the Award means different things to different people, one big advantage is that it is immediately recognisable and highly regarded by companies, educational institutions and many other organizations around the world. The 'Duke of Ed' award demonstrates a well-rounded and committed individual who is diligent, confident and reliable, all traits that can be difficult to project onto a CV. Most of all, the Award is designed to be fun and fulfilling and Award Centre is keen to ensure this is the case.

For more information, please visit The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award website or contact:

Christina Kolodij
School Award Coordinator
T: 08 9441 1707
E: ckolodij@churchlands.wa.edu.au