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A very rewarding incursion

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On Tuesday 9 May, 6 students from Kalamunda Primary School Education Support Centre visited Churchlands Senior High School’s Year 11 Children, Family and the Community class. Each of the six students have various disabilities including Cerebral Palsy, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Global Developmental Delay and vision impairment. Two are non-verbal and have a talker device. 

In preparation for the visit from Kalamunda Primary School Education Support Centre, arts and crafts were organised including toys, colouring in activities and reading time. 

The girls thoroughly enjoyed the children's visit and helped them learn through play.

In a few months Kalamunda students will be returning for a cooking session! Some of the students have a very strict diet so the Year 11 students will be helping to find a recipe that suits all their needs. 

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