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Ancient History Tour is fast approaching

  • Senior School
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We are gearing up for the second Churchlands Ancient History Tour which leaves Perth for Athens on the 6th of April. Tour highlights include a visit to the Parthenon and many walkabouts in Athens. Students will then travel south to the Peloponnese and visit the famed ancient site of Sparta, the home of the greatest Greek warriors. Delphi and a visit to Olympia follow and then wend their way back to Athens. The next day students board an overnight ferry and visit the island of Crete, the heart of the famed Minoan civilisation and then travel to Santorini, a beautiful place, in the middle of the Aegean Sea. The group depart Athens on the 23rd of April bound for home.

Students will also have the privilege to meet locals during Easter celebrations and no doubt they will be treated to the traditional red eggs and lamb on the spit accompanied by much festivity.

It was wonderful on the last trip to see the students develop a much greater understanding of the context of the Ancient History course. To actually stand on a site of a great event made them feel much closer to the event itself. It enabled students to gain a much greater perspective of a civilisation that is long gone but has such an effect on the course of our own civilisation. 

Staff and students are looking forward to this great adventure.

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