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Year 12 student wins creative writing competition

  • Senior School

Yanika O'Brien, Year 12, scooped two major youth poetry prizes this week with a poem she produced as part of her Year 12 Literature studies. Inspired by the musicality of Gwen Harwood's poetry and the tragic play and opera version of Othello, Yanika produced her own poem Otello Cabaletta and entered it in the Katherine Suzannah Pritchard and Peter Cowan creative writing competitions.

This week she was announced as the winner of the Youth poetry prize in each competition, receiving strong recognition from two preeminent Western Australian poets, John Kinsella and Glen Phillips.

The English department are incredibly proud of Yanika and hope that this inspires students to see that work produced as part of their studies can have a wider value and appeal within our community. 

Yanika was also strongly commended for her poem "Reef and Grief' - a scathing comment on the political inaction over the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef. 

Yanika O'Brien
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