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HASS Teacher Receives Outstanding Professional Teaching Award

On 23rd October 2019, our HASS Teacher, Ms Victoria Lacey received an Outstanding Professional Service Award from the Professional Teaching Council of Western Australia (PTCWA) for her work with the Business Educators of WA (BEWA).

Ms Lacey joined Churchlands SHS in 2015 and is a qualified business teacher with over 30 years’ experience. She has dedicated her free time to being secretary for Business Educators of WA (BEWA). During this time Ms Lacey has been an instrumental part of the team and has not only presented numerous ACF/BME workshops but has also developed various successful programs including End of Year Financial party pack and modelling kinesthetics learning activities for teacher to use.

Ms Lacey has also held roles as BEWA’s online resources and social media administrator, website coordinator and was also on the sub-committee of BEA National Conference where she organised the 2014 National Business & Economics Teachers Conference in Fremantle which was a highly successful event. Ms Lacey presented two sessions at BEA National Conference: Engaging students in Accounting and Digital Online Formative Assessment in 2016.

Her work with the BEWA helps to build community of practice networks amongst teachers and school communities so everyone may benefits from expert knowledge.

Ms Lacey is an outstanding awardee and an example of the exceptional work being done by the staff at Churchlands SHS. This recognition is a testament to a person who is prepared to take their knowledge and expertise out to the community and turn it into practical solutions.

Congratulations to Ms Lacey for her commitment, hard work, dedication towards the teaching profession.

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