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Statement by the Churchlands SHS Board

The Board of Churchlands Senior High School held an extraordinary meeting after the violent incident in which some of our students were allegedly involved. We endorse the statement issued by Mr Hunt to the school community. We express our deep sympathy for the injured man and his family, and we fervently hope that his recovery will be complete.

The Board strongly condemns violent behaviour and supports the actions taken by the school to ensure the ongoing safety and wellbeing of students and staff. We acknowledge that managing a situation of this nature is complicated, involving many constraints and formal processes. The patience and respect shown by the community have eased the strain for everyone concerned.

The Board would like to express gratitude, appreciation and unqualified support for the dedicated, proficient and caring staff at Churchlands, both teaching and non-teaching, who make the school a safe, pleasant and inspiring place to be educated.

Most importantly, we would like to affirm that the students at Churchlands, with very few exceptions, are young people of fine character who behave with courtesy and decency. The head boy and head girl, Thomas and Zahra, have articulated the deep concern and disappointment felt by the students. We applaud their leadership and maturity.

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