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Staff Professional Development 2021

At Churchlands SHS we believe in training our staff and providing professional development that will assist us in our profession. We always endeavour to have a marquee speaker and this year we had Colin Pettit the Commissioner for Children and Young People WA. About 250 teaching and non-teaching staff attended the session.

Mr Pettit's address referred to the Speaking Out Survey where 4912 children and young people from all regions of WA shared their views on their health, safety, family and school life and how they see their place in our society and tied it in with what we as a school are doing.

He highlighted the importance of positive engagement in education. His presentation was backed up with strong statistical data. He pointed out that schools and teachers play a vital role in students’ lifelong health and wellbeing.

He commended the school for incorporating wellbeing activities for the teachers as he believed that in order to achieve high levels of teaching and learning for students, teachers too need to be mentally healthy.

The topics covered by the commissioner were well received and we hope to have him back in the near future to provide us with further findings to assist us as a school community.

You may visit to see key finding on Female students’ views on their wellbeing, students' views on their mental health amongst many other.

The two day Professional Development Program held 28-29 January 2021 included curriculum driven courses that are presented by staff.

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