31 July 2

Staff Development & Success

Staff members at Churchlands Senior High School Staff are our most valued resource in achieving the targets and milestones established in our business plan.

We are focused on continuing to strengthen the capacity of our work force through the availability of internal and external professional learning opportunities. All professional learning is directly aligned to the Australian teaching and learning standards or the Principal leadership Standards.

Key strategies

  • Provide resourcing, time and flexibility for classroom observation, reflection, planning and collaboration.
  • Support individual teacher’s engagement in differentiated and flexible professional learning activities.
  • Provide equal opportunity for staff to enhance leadership capacity through authentic professional and on-the-job learning, accessed through open and transparent processes.
  • Develop strategies to ensure staff understand AITSL standards and aligned performance management processes.
  • Develop strategies to identify and train staff responsible for teacher observation as part of performance management and accreditation processes.
  • Develop protocols for teacher observation including frequency and options for teacher consultation as to who will observe, when and where, as well as appeal processes and ‘second chances’.
  • Provide support for teachers to develop an understanding of formative assessment and implement aligned practises.
Internal professional learning opportunities
  • ChArT Thinking- professional learning provided by Dr Kym Tan
  • ChArT IDEAS – professional learning provided by Dr Kym Tan
  • CMS training provided by Dr Kym Tan
  • CMS Conference Accreditation Training provided by Dr Kym Tan
  • Short “Pick and Mix” courses provided by Dr Kym Tan
  • Mini Certificate of Gifted Education provided by the University of New South Wales
  • Our own Internal Aspirant Leadership Program
External professional learning opportunities
  • School curriculum and standards training
  • Level three classroom teacher preparation
  • Specialised curriculum training
  • Mentoring professional learning for staff who are working with graduates and early career teachers