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Stott Hoare BYOD Model

Since 2014 the school has partnered with Stott and Hoare (a local company) to assist the school in supplying laptops to parents and students at Churchlands, via a full service model. Ensuring students were able to access and complete the learning tasks set for them by their teachers. This is the school’s preferred model for parents to purchase devices.

  • Units have been assessed and found suitable by the school
  • The units are known to work within our environment
  • No more expenditure for the warranty period of the laptop (3 years)
  • Business and educational robustness
  • Drop-off and pick-up from the school for purchases and warranty issues
  • The school can intervene if issues are not resolved
  • School software is preloaded and preconfigured
  • Laptops recovered back to time of delivery with the school software installed
  • Online and telephone support available for warranty and purchasing queries
  • Two day service level agreement for warranty repair time
  • Ability to obtain hot swap units with the school software pre-installed
  • Lack of choice
  • Potential higher up front costs
  • Full software and hardware support from Stott Hoare with laptops delivered and collected to/from the School
  • Stott Hoare help desk support
  • All school required software is preinstalled and preconfigured
  • Stott Hoare will reimage at no cost if the device experiences software issues
  • Business grade device
  • 3 year warranty

It is the responsibility of the Churchlands SHS ICT Department to:

  • Ensure WiFi is enabled and your child is able to connect i.e correct username and password (max 10 mins).
  • Provide a list of software and order of installation.
  • Provide some useful FAQ on the school website.

Laptop Ordering Information

  • You can purchase your device through Stott and Hoare Ordering Portal.
  • Login information - School Code: CSHS
  • If you require any further information in regards to ordering, please do not hesitate to contact Stott Hoare on 9244 0000 or via email to churchlands@stotthoare.com.au
  • Parents will be notified by email of expected delivery dates. Laptops are delivered to the school in batches by Stott and Hoare.
  • All devices are custom built for Churchlands SHS.
  • A pre-Christmas delivery date will be scheduled for any devices available to be delivered.

Estimated delivery schedule:

  • Please note we have considerable delays with laptop orders, so please consider ordering at your earliest convenient time.
  • A pre-Christmas delivery date will be scheduled for any devices available to be delivered.

Please note while every effort will be made to meet your preference, delivery dates cannot be guaranteed.