Year 7 Report 27

Pastoral Care

Students and parents are invited to make an appointment with any member of the Student Services team if they have any concerns or need to seek professional advice. If you arrive unannounced, it is very unlikely you will be able to see the person you wish to contact.

Junior Secondary Head of Year Coordinators

Mrs Jayne Kitto manages Year 7 and Ms Lisa Campbell manages Year 8 including discipline, attendance and uniform and pastoral care.

Middle Secondary Head of Year Coordinators

Ms Kim Hudson manages Year 9 and Mr David Coles manages Year 10 including discipline, attendance and uniform and pastoral care.

Senior Secondary Head of Year Coordinators

Mr Andrew Chapman manages Year 11 and Mr Steve Galvin manages Year 12 including the Good Standing Policy, attendance and pastoral care. They also support the VET Coordinator and Careers Advisor.

Careers Advisor

The Careers Advisor, Mrs Clare Slodecki, is responsible for career counselling throughout CSHS with an emphasis and priority given to Year 10, 11 and 12 students.

VET Coordinator

The VET Coordinator, Mrs Carlee Ingleson, manages and promotes all VET and Workplace Learning, mainly dealing with senior school students and some middle secondary students.