Students Services Centre

Student Services Centre

It is a legal requirement for the school to keep accurate attendance records. In cases of legal inquiry it is the teacher who has to respond as to whether or not a child was present in his/her class at a given time. Parents are required to provide an explanation of their child’s absence to the school within three days of the absence and this is recorded and/or followed up by the school. Churchlands SHS uses an electronic system, visible to parents on SEQTA to record attendance and the use of an SMS text message to a parent’s mobile phone to notify parents of their child’s period one absence.

When students are late to school or need to leave early for an appointment, they must first report to respective Student Services - Junior (Year 7-8) / Middle (Year 9-10) / Senior (Year 11-12). Please note that if a student arrives to school during a break from lessons, they must still report to Student Services to sign in before going to class.

Please note the reason your child is late in their diary. Students without a written note will be given detention (unless a parent/ guardian has called the school). Year 11 and 12 students’ Good Standing may be affected.

If a student needs to leave school early, they must go to respective Student Services to ‘sign out’, have the diary stamped and signed by a staff member on duty and to collect a Department of Education leave pass. Please note that an early leave pass will only be provided if there is a written note or a phone call has been received from a parent/guardian.