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Current Projects

The Foundation is committed to supporting projects that will create better learning places for our students. Our aim is to create an environment that will encourage students to be creative, inquisitive and passionate – somewhere where they will feel comfortable and inspired.

Solar Power to Scholarships Project

In 2016, the Churchlands Foundation conceived the brilliant initiative to raise funds to pay for the installation of solar panels to reduce the school’s electricity costs through the launch of the Solar Power to Scholarships Project. Since then, the Foundation’s efforts have been focused towards the project which involved the installation of the Photo Voltaic panels at the school. These solar panels will generate significant savings on electricity costs.

After four years of planning, hard work and the generous contribution by our Churchlands community - parents, staff, alumni and business partners, the $750 000 project has finally been completed in 2020. It has involved the removal of the old tiles and replacement with Colourbond roofing and air conditioning to classrooms.

The 400kWh system including hundreds of state of the art solar panels have been lifted and installed across the roofs of four major buildings at the school. Western Power have tested the system and the system is up and running. This will generate significant savings on electricity costs; approximately 36% of the school’s power cost.

The School will be able to get back the money invested within three years. We are now able to generate electricity and save the school money. These savings will enable the Foundation to offer scholarships and other opportunities to the students, staff and to the School.

Solar Power generates electricity that is clean, renewable and sustainable and therefore, we are excited that we will be contributing to saving the planet.

Solar Power Project Scholarships

Scholarships to be considered from the funds raised include the following:

  • Leadership Development for High School Students at International Summer School
  • Community Participation – World Challenge School Expedition
  • General Award for Excellence in Teaching
  • The Indigenous Aspiration Initiative
  • Academic Recognition Award
  • Learning Disability Support
  • Sporting Recognition Award
  • Vocational Education and Training Support for Financially Challenged
  • Music Recognition Award
  • University Entrance Scholarship for Financially Challenged
  • Arts Recognition Award

Solar Panel News

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