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The Award of a scholarship recognises academic excellence and seeks to help develop the potential of our students and staff.

Through the ‘Solar Power to Scholarships Project’, the Foundation is able to channel the savings from the reduced electrity costs towards scholarship and grant programs for students and staff.

Up until 2022, the Foundation has been able to offer 15 Music scholarships to students from the Gifted and Talented Program.

In 2023, The Foundation will be expanding the scholarship program to support deserving Churchlands SHS students and staff achieve their education and teaching goals. Grants and scholarships will be made available to cover or subsidise a variety of fees and expenses in various areas, with a maximum value stated (Note: These are a pool of funds; not the value of each scholarship).

Awards may be considered for students and staff who display a high level of commitment and demonstrate unique success/talents in areas beyond the realms of a normal school program. Potential award recipients need to demonstrate the ‘Aim High’ ethos of Churchlands SHS, which encompasses the values of the School - personal responsibilities, social responsibilities and environmental responsibilities.

Grants and Scholarships for Students

A student is eligible to be awarded a grant or scholarship if he/she is a:

  • current Churchlands SHS student
  • Year 6 student enrolled to attend Churchlands SHS
  • alumni who have completed Year 12 in the year prior

To be awarded a grant or scholarship, students must be nominated by a teaching staff or faculty head. Staff can self nominate.

The selection of each grant or scholarship recipient is completed by a panel represented by members of the Churchlands Foundation, School Board and staff members. The selection panel considers the applicant’s:

  • academic competence
  • personal circumstances
  • financial need for a scholarship
  • commitment to excel in the area of the scholarship nominated for
  • potential outcome to achieve a position of leadership in, or significant contribution in the chosen field.

Nominations for grants and scholarships will be assessed twice a year - May and October (except for the GATE Music Scholarship), and at other times as deemed necessary or desirable by the Foundation. The selection panel may decide at its discretion not to award any particular scholarship in any year.

Successful candidates will be notified within one month of the panel review date.

Music Scholarship

Gifted and Talented (GATE) Music Scholarship
The Churchlands Senior High School Foundation provides students entering the Gifted and Talented (GATE) Music Program in Year 7 the opportunity to be the recipient of a music scholarship.

The Foundation grants two types of Music Scholarships each year:

  • High Musical Achievement - awarded based upon school auditions (entry into GATE program). Applications are not required for this category.
  • Financial Assistance - awarded to a student deserving of financial assistance. Applicants must complete an application form and attach all supporting documentations for consideration.

The Scholarship aims to assist with expenses related to musical studies and education expenses such as;

  • Purchase of a musical instrument
  • Stationery and books
  • Excursions and camps
  • Laptop
  • Uniform
  • Others

Scholarship recipients must remain enrolled as a Churchlands Senior High School Gifted and Talented Music student for the duration of the Scholarship. If a student leaves the school before Year 12, the Scholarship will lapse.

Note: Parents will receive an email with the information when the GATE Music Scholarship opens.

Value granted: $4500 with $2000 awarded in Year 7 and $500 in the consecutive years up to Year 12.

Specialised Music Scholarship
Recognition of students displaying excellence and wishing to develop specialised music skills e.g. composing or performance.

Value available: $12,000


High school - High school students in (or entering) Year 7 to Year 12 are eligible to put forward a nomination for a scholarship. The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of academic excellence, as evidenced in the student’s recent school reports.

Tertiary education - Year 12 students or recent graduates (completed Year 12 in the year prior) who have been accepted to pursue their post-secondary education, either at University or TAFE as a full time student, are eligible to put forward a nomination for a scholarship. Eligible students must demonstrate leadership qualities and engagement in community service.

Value available: $12,000


Support for students with a demonstrated interest in environmental/sustainability studies and programs. Grants are also available to student groups who are keen to kick-start an environmental-related project or campaign.

Value available: $18,000

Group Leadership Training

Support for a group of students who demonstrate leadership qualities, peer mentoring skills and aspire to be future leaders. Participants must be active members of the school/community.

Value available: $12,000

Individual Leadership

Support for students who demonstrate leadership qualities, aspire to be future leaders and are inspired to bring about changes in their community. Participants must be active members of the school/community.

Value available: $12,000

Special Focus Programs

Support for students who could benefit from participating in a program in an area relevant to their needs such as languages, sports, Indigenous studies and disability studies. Students need to demonstrate a strong affiliation or involvement in the area of interest.

Value available: $24,000

Other Grants and Scholarships

Grants and scholarships are availble to staff members for individual professional development as well as to organise special events for students. In additional, there is also an allotment Staff are eligible to apply for a grant or scholarship if he/she is a permanent full-time or part-time Churchlands SHS staff member.

There is also an allocation granted to the principal that is intended to supplement exisiting and available funds.

Staff Professional Learning

Funding offered for advancing the quality of education and teaching and supporting staff professional development e.g. to participate in workshops/seminars, develop and implement programs that support learning needs, mentorship, in-class observation/consultation and more. This fund does not replace normal staff development offered by Churchlands SHS or the Department of Education.

Staff are eligible to apply for a grant or scholarship if he/she is a permanent full-time or part-time Churchlands SHS staff member.

Value available: $12,000

Special Events

Teachers can request for the special events funding to organise special events for students including but not limited to, speaker programs, enhanced educational activities, short-term projects, etc.

Value available: $6000

Principal's Discretionary Funding

The principal's discretionary funding provides support towards resources and/or extra-curricular activities (not normally payable from school’s operational funding) that may prevent student(s) from taking part or being involved in school activities such as camps, excursions, purchase of essential sporting equipments or music instruments, etc.


For enquiries relating to the funding and nomination process, please contact:

Churchlands Senior High School Foundation
20 Lucca Street Churchlands WA 6065
Tel: +61 8 9441 0442