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Scholarships and Grants

The Churchlands Foundation sponsors and supports a program of scholarships and grants that has been made possible through the Solar Power to Scholarships Project. The installation of a large solar panel system has allowed savings from reduced electricity costs to be directed to scholarships and grants for Churchlands Senior High School students and staff.

Up until 2023, the Foundation has been able to offer 18 music scholarships to students in the Gifted and Talented Program.

In 2023, the Foundation will be expanding the program to support deserving students and staff to work towards their education and teaching goals. Churchlands Foundation scholarships will support individual educational attainment, recognising excellence and endeavour. Grants will offer support for special projects, events or opportunities.

The funds awarded will partly or fully subsidise fees and expenses in various educational areas. The total value of the funding pool available for each area is stated and may be shared in different ways between recipients and projects.

Potential award recipients will need to demonstrate the ‘Aim High’ ethos of Churchlands, which encompasses the values of the school: personal responsibilities, social responsibilities and environmental responsibilities. Strong candidates will display a high level of commitment and demonstrate potential, talent, achievement or strong interest in areas beyond the realms of a normal school program.

Applications for scholarships and grants will be assessed twice a year in May and October and at other times as deemed necessary or desirable by the Foundation. Some scholarships are subject to a separate process and do not require applications. The selection panel may decide at its discretion not to award any particular scholarship in any year. Successful candidates will be notified within one month of the panel review date.

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For enquiries relating to the funding and nomination process, please contact:

Churchlands Senior High School Foundation
20 Lucca Street Churchlands WA 6065
Tel: +61 8 9441 0442