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The Churchlands Foundation sponsors and supports a program of scholarships and grants that has been made possible through the Solar Power to Scholarships Project. The installation of a large solar panel system has allowed savings from reduced electricity costs to be directed to scholarships and grants for Churchlands Senior High School students and staff.

Up until 2022, the Foundation has been able to offer 15 music scholarships to students in the Gifted and Talented Program.

In 2023, the Foundation will be expanding the program to support deserving students and staff to work towards their education and teaching goals. Churchlands Foundation scholarships will support individual educational attainment, recognising excellence and endeavour. Grants will offer support for special projects, events or opportunities.

The funds awarded will partly or fully subsidise fees and expenses in various educational areas. The total value of the funding pool available for each area is stated and may be shared in different ways between recipients and projects.

Potential award recipients will need to demonstrate the ‘Aim High’ ethos of Churchlands, which encompasses the values of the school: personal responsibilities, social responsibilities and environmental responsibilities. Strong candidates will display a high level of commitment and demonstrate potential, talent, achievement or strong interest in areas beyond the realms of a normal school program.

Scholarships and Grants for Students

A student is eligible to be awarded a scholarship if they are:

  • a current Churchlands SHS student
  • a Year 6 student enrolled to attend Churchlands SHS and has been accepted into the Churchlands SHS AEP Program
  • a Churchlands graduate who completed Year 12 in the previous year.

To be considered for a scholarship or grant, students must be nominated by a member of the teaching or executive staff. Staff members are welcome to self-nominate.

The selection of each scholarship or grant recipient is determined by a panel comprising members of the Churchlands Foundation, the School Board and staff. The selection panel may consider the applicant’s:

  • academic competence
  • personal circumstances
  • financial need for a scholarship
  • commitment to excel in the nominated scholarship area
  • potential likelihood to achieve a position of leadership in, or make a significant contribution in the chosen field.

Applications for scholarships and grants will be assessed twice a year in May and October and at other times as deemed necessary or desirable by the Foundation. Some scholarships are subject to a separate process and do not require applications. The selection panel may decide at its discretion not to award any particular scholarship in any year. Successful candidates will be notified within one month of the panel review date.


Secondary Education: Years 7-12
A suite of scholarships recognising academic excellence will be available to students in Years 7-12. Recent school results and reports, along with other academic achievements, such as competition prizes or awards will be used to determine suitable recipients. (Applications are not required for this scholarship).

Year Level

Number of scholarships available

Value of each scholarship*

Year 7 AEP


$2500 (payable over Years 7-10)

Year 8



Year 9



Year 10


$1500 (payable over Years 10-12)

Year 11



*The Foundation reserves the right to vary these amounts based on candidate quality.

Tertiary Education
A scholarship to support entry into tertiary education will be available to Year 12 students (or graduates who have completed Year 12 in the previous year) who have been accepted at University or TAFE as a full-time student. Strong candidates must demonstrate academic diligence and give evidence of leadership qualities, extra-curricular pursuits or engagement in community service.

Value available: $2000


Scholarships and grants are available to support individual students with a demonstrated interest in environmental and sustainability studies and programs. Grants are also available to groups of students who are keen to initiate or maintain an environmental project or campaign.

Staff members leading projects or studies in this area are welcome to apply for funding.

Grants may assist with projects or opportunities including, but not limited to, the following:

  • seminars or training
  • purchase of materials, e.g. for a planting program
  • development of infrastructure, e.g. receptacles for a recycling program
  • travel costs, e.g. for an excursion to assist with a rehabilitation project
  • publicity materials, e.g. to communicate messages to the school population.

Value available: $18 000

Group Leadership Training

Grants are available to support groups of students who demonstrate leadership qualities, peer mentoring skills and who aspire to be future leaders. Participants must be active members of the school community.

Grants may assist with training and opportunities including, but not limited to, the following:

  • youth leadership seminars or conferences
  • Student Council team building experiences
  • leadership development training
  • speakers and presenters
  • mentoring programs.

Value available: $12 000

Individual Leadership

Scholarships are available to support students who demonstrate leadership qualities, aspire to be future leaders and are inspired to bring about changes in their community. Participants must be active members of the school and/or the community.

Scholarships may assist with training and opportunities including, but not limited to, the following:

  • United Nations Young Leaders Training
  • travel as a delegate to a Youth Leadership forum
  • leadership development training
  • seminars and conferences
  • certificate courses

Value available: $12 000

Music Scholarship

Gifted and Talented (GATE) Music Scholarship Years 7-10
The Foundation awards two types of music scholarships each year to students entering the Gifted and Talented (GATE) Music Program in Year 7. Recipients must remain enrolled as a Churchlands Senior High School Gifted and Talented Music student for the duration of the scholarship. If a student leaves the program or the school before Year 10, the scholarship will lapse. The scholarships are intended to assist with expenses related to musical studies and secondary education including, but not limited to, the following:

  • purchase of a musical instrument
  • stationery, books and music
  • excursions and camps
  • computer
  • school or music uniforms.

High Musical Achievement Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to a student displaying a very high level of musical proficiency in the Churchlands GATE Music Program auditions and selection process. Applications are not required for this scholarship as recipients are determined on their ranking in the selection process.

Financial Assistance Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to a student deserving of financial assistance. Applications and supporting documentation are required for this scholarship. Information about the application process for the Financial Assistance scholarship will be made available to candidates for the GATE Music Program at Churchlands..

Value of each scholarship: $3500 ($2000 will be awarded in Year 7 and $500 annually in Years 8, 9 and 10.)

Specialised Music Scholarship: Years 9-12
A scholarship is available to support students displaying excellence in a musical endeavour who may wish to access specialised tuition or opportunities, including but not limited to, the following:

  • masterclasses and workshops
  • extra instrumental tuition
  • composition tuition
  • purchase of a musical instrument
  • accompaniment or backing musicians
  • school music tour.

Value available: $5000

Special Focus Programs

Scholarships and grants are available to students who could benefit from participating in a program or accessing relevant support for their particular needs or interests. Applicants will need to demonstrate strong affiliation or involvement in their area of interest or give details of their particular challenges.

Staff members leading projects or studies in this area are welcome to apply for funding.

Scholarships may assist with tuition, training, equipment and opportunities including, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • languages
  • sport
  • Indigenous studies or cultural events
  • accessibility improvements for students with disability, e.g. an adapted computer

Value available: $24 000

Other Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships are available to permanent full-time or part-time Churchlands staff members for individual professional development.

Grants for the purpose of supporting or funding special events may be accessed by staff. Staff members leading projects or studies in the area of environment, leadership, special focus programs are welcome to apply for funding.

In addition to the listed categories, the principal has discretionary funds that can be awarded for initiatives or projects of a special or individual nature.

Staff Professional Learning

Funding is available for advancing the quality of teaching and learning, and supporting staff professional development. This fund does not replace normal staff development offered by Churchlands SHS or the Department of Education. Permanent full-time or part-time Churchlands SHS staff members are eligible to apply for funding.

Funding may assist with professional development opportunities including, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • workshops and seminars
  • training courses
  • the development and implementation of programs to support learning needs
  • mentorship
  • in-class observation and peer review
  • professional consultation.

Value available: $12 000

Special Events

Funding is available to assist with access to, or the provision of special events for students. Staff may apply for grants to support events including, but not limited to, the following:

  • guest speakers
  • wellbeing programs
  • enhanced educational activities
  • short-term projects
  • competition entries (e.g. STEM events, University Challenges, Robocup).

Value available: $6000

Principal's Discretionary Funding

The principal has discretionary funds that can be awarded for initiatives or projects of a special or individual nature, not covered by other categories.

In addition, the principal's discretionary funding may provide support (of a type not normally payable from school’s operational funding) towards resources and/or extra-curricular activities where deserving students may be prevented from taking part for some reason.

Funding may assist students to access opportunities including, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • camps, excursions or tours
  • purchase of essential sporting equipment or musical instruments
  • cultural exchanges.

Value available: $12 000

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For enquiries relating to the funding and nomination process, please contact:

Churchlands Senior High School Foundation
20 Lucca Street Churchlands WA 6065
Tel: +61 8 9441 0442