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Payment options

The school makes provision for the following payment options:

• Our preferred method of payment is via Qkr (pronounced "Quicker") app. Qkr can be downloaded as a smartphone app or alternatively you can visit the Qkr website.

• Full payment by cheque, cash, EFTPOS or credit card (in person or by phone).
• Payments by instalments by the above methods.
• Direct Credit to our account listed below:

BSB: 306 054
Account number: 4157610
Narration: Child Surname, Initial and Year

Payments for excursions

Payment for excursions should be made using Qkr. Qkr can be downloaded as a smartphone app or alternatively you can visit the Qkr website.

Payment App

The easy to use App gives you flexibility to pay for Activities, External Courses and Tours at a time and place that suits you. Please refer to the instructions above on how to download this App. If you do not have access to the internet and would prefer an alternative method, please contact cashier Megan Wiebrecht on 9441 1753.

Finance Policy

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What is Qkr! (pronounced 'quicker')?

Qkr! is a payment application developed by MasterCard and comes with all the security of MasterCard products

What devices can I use Qkr! on?

Qkr! can be used on smartphones, iPads and computers. Please see the 'How to Flyer' (PDF 2.1MB) for how to download the app onto smartphones and iPads. Alternatively you can visit the Qkr! website and follow the prompts to use laptop/desktop version.

What payment cards can be used?

Qkr! accepts MasterCard and Visa credit cards along with debit Visa and MasterCard. Payments cannot be made via Amex.

How do I find the excursions on the App?

The first time using the app you will need to find the school. If you are within 4km of the school, Churchlands will automatically show in your nearby locations. If you click on Churchlands it will show a list of events for sale. Alternatively click the blue magnifying glass in the top right hand corner and search for 'Churchlands'

I have swiped to pay and received an 'Error Invalid Card Number' message?

This error indicates the credit card details stored in Qkr! are incorrect. Common mistakes are an incorrect credit card number or expiry date, or you have entered a payment card that is not accepted, eg Amex.

I have entered the wrong card number and/or need to edit the expiry date?

Simply tap the 3 bar icon at the top left of the screen, choose 'Settings' and click on 'Manage Payment Cards'. Here you can delete, add or change your default credit card details.

It won't accept my Medicare card number when completing the medical/permission form?

The space may look small, but enter the whole number WITHOUT spaces. Also remember to put a valid expiry date in.

How do you edit a child's profile?

Click on the 'Upload' icon (the box with the up arrow) in the top right of the screen. Click 'Manage Children'. Student profiles created will be displayed, click on the 'Student' to edit then click on 'Update'. Click 'Add' to create a new student profile then click 'Done'.

When setting up my Payment Card details, it asks for a Card Alias - what does this mean?

Qkr! allows for multiple payment card details to be stored. Therefore to know which card is which, a Card Alias (card name) needs to be entered. This can be the name of the card you are setting up, eg Visa, MasterCard, or you could call it Julie's Visa or Darren's MasterCard.

My phone is connected to the App store in China.

Setup a new Australian Apple account with another email address. Then download the Qkr! app.

I have selected Australia as my location but the App isn't doing anything?

Turn on the GPS and retry.