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Gifted & Talented Entry

To apply for a place in our Gifted and Talented Music program contact the Department of Education on 9264 5513 or visit their website.

The dates for the opening and closing of applications can be found on the G&T website.

The deadline for applications is strictly applied and no applications will be accepted after that time.

Please note all Gifted and Talented applicants are required to sit an academic assessment. While this is compulsory it has no bearing on selection into the Gifted and Talented Music Program.

Selection process

Initial music assessment

Applicants must perform two contrasting pieces on their instrument. If the applicant has not been learning an instrument previously they must prepare two contrasting songs. The applicant should select repertoire that is both challenging and within their abilities.

Follow-up music assessment

Applicants who are successful in the initial stage are invited to Churchlands to attend a standardised musical aptitude test and a concert demonstration of instruments on offer early in Term 2. This is an opportunity to see and hear some of the exciting instruments available for beginners and to ask questions about the music program. Parents are encouraged to attend this demonstration.

These applicants are then scheduled for a short interview at Churchlands during which they must again play their instrument as per the initial audition but may choose different repertoire if they wish. The applicant must bring copies of their two most recent school reports as well as any instrumental, performance and theory exam results that can be used to help identify academic achievement and commitment. Parents are encouraged to attend the interview. The applicant is encouraged to bring references, certificates and ask questions at the conclusion of the interview.

The interview at Churchlands seeks to identify:

  • the applicant's achievements, motivation and commitment;
  • the applicant's willingness to participate fully in the music program; and
  • the applicant's capacity to cope with the additional workload.

First round offers are sent out to successful applicants around the middle of June.

GATE entry for older year groups

Students can also enter the GATE Music Program in Year 9 or 10.

Year 9 Entry: Year 7’s must apply through the Department of Education Gifted and Talented website at the end of Year 7, or the very start of Year 8. They are tested in Term 1 of Year 8, and, if successful, may start at Churchlands in Term 3 of Year 8.

Year 10 Entry: Year 8’s must apply through the Department of Education Gifted and Talented website at the end of Year 8, or the very start of Year 9. They are tested in Term 1 of Year 9, and, if successful, may start at Churchlands in Term 3 of Year 9.


Students accepting a place in the Gifted & Talented Music Program are expected to continue to study music to the end of Year 12.

If a student drops out during the course, not only has another student been denied the opportunity to be a part of the G&T Music Program, but the balance of an ensemble and the quality of the experience for all other students involved has been affected.

It is only possible to maintain high standards if all students are committed to the program. Attendance at rehearsals, lessons and performances, as well as a positive attitude to regular practice is a requirement. Students and parents share the responsibility in maintaining the program's high standards and excellent reputation.

Ongoing instruments

Students must already be competent on these instruments to audition. We do NOT start beginners on these instruments.

  • Violin (minimum AMEB grade 3 or equiv.)
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Double Bass
  • Classical Guitar
  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Trumpet

Ongoing and beginner instruments

Available for Year 7 beginners although students already playing them should audition as well.

  • Harp (one every 2 or 3 years only)
  • Oboe
  • Bassoon
  • Saxophone
  • Horn
  • Trombone
  • Euphonium
  • Tuba
  • Percussion
  • Voice
  • Piano (only students with AMEB Pianoforte Grade 7 or higher in Year 6 should apply for a piano position.)
  • Jazz Guitar
  • Jazz Bass Guitar

Primary School Extension Program

Want to jumpstart your child’s journey at Churchlands School of Music?

Looking to extend their musical involvement? Get involved now!

We offer the following ensembles, designed to transition students from primary school into high school. Students extend their performance skills whilst meeting like-minded music friends and familiarise themselves with high school teachers and facilities.

Tapestry Strings – an auditioned ensemble for Yr 4-6 string students.

Brasshoppers – Yr 5 and 6 brass students from metropolitan Perth.

Windjammers – Yr 5 and 6 wind, brass and percussion students mostly from Churchlands SHS local catchment area.

If you are interested and would like more information, please email music.admin@churchlands.wa.edu.au.

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