Mg 7127


The study of Design empowers students to identify, understand, interpret, create and communicate through visual and tactile means; to influence everyday life for individuals, societies and the natural world. Students are introduced to design theory, design history and design practice through the experience of applying a design process.

The Design course equips students with highly transferrable knowledge and skills for further education and employment pathways within a range of industries. The problem solving, Design Thinking and visual communication skills obtained in this course, in partnership with industry specific knowledge, provides students with an increasingly valuable skill set relevant to all fields of design as well as technology, engineering, business, science and innovation.

Year 11

DESIGN ATAR Semester One
This unit introduces students to the discipline of design. They begin to experiment with various techniques for representation, such as sketching, drawing, photographing and prototyping, to communicate design ideas and Design Thinking. Students develop an understanding of key design terminology to support their observation and analysis of different design forms. They begin to understand how representation can be used to communicate meaning through semiotics. Students apply relevant and appropriate skills and techniques while following the Double Diamond design process model to create possible design outcomes.

DESIGN ATAR Semester Two
In this unit, students work through phases of the Double Diamond model to design products, devices, objects or services for an end-user. They will prototype and modify designs to test the impact on audiences and address practical outcomes for users. Students will determine and define the function, form and features of their design in order to effectively communicate how their proposal meets the needs of the design brief.

Year 12

DESIGN ATAR Semester One
Students become aware that design has commercial considerations that are influenced by various stakeholders to produce products, services and brands. Commercial design is client and market driven and is a reflection of contemporary consumer demands. Students are introduced to a client-focused design brief to create a product or service. They plan, develop and analyse to create designs that reflect the client, audience, and market needs. They also consider commercial and manufacturing requirements for a real world solution, with relevant production skills and processes, materials, and technologies.

DESIGN ATAR Semester Two
The focus of this unit is the communication of ideals, messages, information and values, to influence opinion and attitudes. Students produce products and visual layouts for specific and applied contexts with an understanding of applied semiotics and the construction of meaning. They analyse the audience in terms of empathy, profiling and stereotyping, and develop persuasive solutions using a research, testing and feedback mechanism.