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Benefits and Opportunities

There are so many different languages in the world. Learning French or Japanese will provide students with many opportunities.

LOTE Bonus

Students who study a language in Senior School are entitled to the ATAR bonus for Languages. 10% of a student’s final scaled score in a Curriculum Council approved language course will be added to that student’s Tertiary Entrance Aggregate (TEA). A selection rank (ATAR) will be calculated based on the improved TEA. (The TEA is the sum of a student’s best four scaled scores in WACE courses.) This rank is used for entry to universities.

Career Opportunities

In today’s global economy, knowing another language really gives you a competitive advantage when applying for a job. No matter what type of career you pursue, you will be more attractive to an employer if you have another language. Those who have the ability to speak and use more than one language are more likely to be able to find a job which opens up travel opportunities and chances to exchange with others. There might be other employment chances you have not even considered. The possibilities are out there for you when you have additional language skills.

Exchange programs

When you learn another language, you develop an insight into that language’s culture and get to see your own from a new perspective. At Churchlands SHS, we offer exchange programs which have been designed and developed to greatly increase the educational outcomes for students of Languages.

Cultural immersion has been proven as a superior method of developing language skills and Churchlands SHS students have the opportunity to visit Japan or France. By experiencing the country first-hand, students will gain a multitude of invaluable skills in simple, everyday language as well as complex, conversational skills. By staying in the homes of families and attending school, students will be exposed to a plethora of language use and will develop their skills and broaden their cultural understanding. Nuances and etiquette within the language will be learnt and developed by students through these experiences and will increase their educational outcomes and academic success in their studies.

Students are also offered the opportunity to host French or Japanese students when they visit Australia. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to further develop their language skills and cultural understanding. It is also a great opportunity to develop global relationships.