Mg 7127

Visual Arts

In the Visual Arts we encourage and develop the students' creative thinking and problem solving skills through artmaking and art interpretation activities in a variety of studio areas.  Students will develop their drawing, painting, printing, sculpture and claywork skills, experimenting and exploring with a variety of techniques using, and breaking, conventions.  While the courses students do are primarily full of 'doing' rather than 'talking about', the development of key art language and understandings is central to each activity.

The visual arts develop students' sense of personal and cultural identity and equip them for lifelong involvement in the appreciation of the visual arts.  Development of skills and understanding of 21st Century technologies in making art expressions will be developed over several years of working in our visual arts classrooms.

Year 7

You will have the opportunity to experiment with all of the studio areas available in Visual Arts.  You will get to make a clay creature, experiment with a range of drawing techniques, try out some of the graphics programmes on your lap tops, create your own series of prints and learn about colour in a painting project.

Year 9

Semester One
You might make a painting, print on a t-shirt, make a pot and glaze it, design a fashion garment or wearable art, use recyclable materials or participate in a community arts project. You will negotiate what you want to make with your teacher but you will also get better at drawing, think creatively and express yourself!
Semester One
While this is a course that will extend and develop your ideas and skills from Semester 1, it is also a course that you can begin with. We will be working in a similar way as the previous course but at a slightly more challenging level. You will begin to develop your sense of beauty and personal style.

Year 10

ART/CRAFT – Semester One
Here is your chance to develop as an artist with high quality skills, extending and developing artworks that express your beliefs and values.  You will be looking at the work of others and finding out how other artists work.  What you make during this course will be negotiated with your teacher. You do not have to have done any art courses before this one

ART/CRAFT – Semester Two
Here is your chance to develop yourself further as an artist. You will be making high quality artworks that express your beliefs and cultural perspective. You will start to explore more contemporary mediums and ways of working. This will be a good course to prepare you to work in the WACE courses.

GRAPHICS – Semester One
Graphic design is all around us. You might illustrate a story or a song, design a package or a postage stamp, design a t-shirt or use a computer program to design your own “manga” character. Learn the processes and tricks that graphic artists use in their everyday work practice to make excellent graphic projects.

GRAPHICS – Semester Two
Here is your chance to develop your skills even more. You might make a pop-up or design a poster campaign, make a letterhead and business card or an animation, design the look of a website or the scenery for a game. While this course will be extending your graphic skills you do not have to have done any graphics before.

Year 11

In the Visual Arts ATAR course, you will engage in traditional, modern and contemporary media and techniques within the broad areas of art forms. This course promotes innovative practice. You are encouraged to explore and represent your ideas and gain an awareness of the role that artists and designers play in reflecting, challenging and shaping societal values. The Visual Arts ATAR course allows you to develop aesthetic understandings and a critical awareness to appreciate and make informed evaluations of art through your engagement of your own art practice and the work of others. Unit 1 uses a focus on differences: in materials, techniques or processes, or concepts, conventions or ideas. Unit 2 focuses on identities: personal, social, cultural or gender identities.

In the General course you will be engaging with a range of areas in art, craft and design.  You will have the opportunity to make work exploring your imagination and your own personal experiences. The opportunity will be there to take part in exhibitions of your artworks at the school and in the community. Unit 1 focuses on Experiences exploring students’ lives and their own experiences and observations. Unit 2 focuses on Explorations where you will explore ways to generate and develop ideas using a variety of stimulus materials and explorations from your local environment. You have the chance to participate in workshops and gallery excursions throughout the course.

Year 12

You will be making art as your main focus but some of what you do will include consideration of other people’s work as well as how what you do fits in with activities within the art world. You will be expected to complete good image analysis and well-researched case studies. Unit 3A focuses on commentaries. You will engage with social, political and cultural purposes of art making and interpretation.  You will create a unique and cohesive body of work. You will research issues, events, and ideologies and examine your own beliefs, considering how the visual arts have reflected and shaped society and values. Unit 3B focuses on considering points of view. You will identify and explore concepts or issues of personal significance in the presentation of a sustained, articulate and authentic body of work. In the critical analysis and interpretation of your own work and the work of others, you will reflect on the relationships between artworks, audiences and contextual factors, considering how these contribute to the development of different perspectives.