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Photography courses at Churchlands Senior High School help students develop their creativity and explore the many nuances of the medium through both film and digital photography.  The courses cater to a variety of skill levels in each class from beginners through to the more advance students pursuing Photography outside school. Our aim is to help all students explore and experiment with photographic processes to realise their creative vision.

Year 9

Semester 1
In this course students are introduced to the principles, techniques and materials used in photography.  The course has a high practical content and students are taken through directed activities to develop basic skills and techniques. 

Semester 2
In this course students are able to develop and broaden their camera and processing skills.  The work is mainly practical and students are encouraged to explore the processes and techniques which are conducive to good photography.

Year 10

Semester 1
In this course students explore a variety of camera techniques to produce work which demonstrates balance, harmony and tonal qualities.  Students are also encouraged to experiment with darkroom techniques to produce creative prints.

Semester 2
This course provides students with the opportunity to refine their photographic knowledge and techniques.  Students are encouraged to be creative and imaginative in their work and are given considerable freedom to develop an individual approach.  Students are guided through demonstrations, notes and lectures to provide the necessary expertise for their work. 

Year 11

Design Photography General

The focus for this unit is design basics in the photography context. Students understand that design/photography is a discipline area with its own history, tradition and tools and techniques. Students are introduced to design elements and principles and design processes and practice. They are introduced to basic drawing skills and a range of techniques to demonstrate their control over the elements of design in the context of photography. Students are introduced to basic production skills and processes, materials and technologies in black and white and digital photography.

Year 12

Semester One 
The focus for this unit is personal design. Students will be working through a series of activities that will allow them to learn the necessary skills and proficiency to use appropriate equipment and design approaches to express themselves about their own world and experiences. They will analyse and explore the visual conventions and techniques used to convey meaning and ideas through images.

Semester Two
The focus for this unit is social design. Students will study and analyse the use of images in the modern world and learn to interpret visual clues and conventions. They will have opportunities to develop their own visual messages addressing the need of the wider community in the context of community health and advertising. Design principles and skills will be further developed and applied to solve open ended tasks.
These courses are mainly practical with some theory assignments to enhance understanding of the techniques used. One major written assignment will give the students an opportunity at explore an aspect of photography in detail.