Home Ec

Home Economics

Home Economics is an interdisciplinary subject, having its focus on the well-being of individuals and families in everyday living. It is a hands on practical subject where students demonstrate creativity and independence in a variety of life situations.

Junior Secondary (Year 8 only)

The Year 8 students complete a semester of Home Economics covering both Food Technology and Textiles Technology. Learning experiences include designing and making a pencil case, hosting a morning tea for invited guests and designing a food product.

Middle Secondary

In Years 9 and 10 students may select which options they would like to study to build on from skills previously developed. The subject selections may include:

  • Food Around the World
  • Fab Fast Food
  • International Foods
  • Good Eating
  • Food for Celebrations
  • Creating with Textiles
  • Designing with Textiles
  • Designing and Creating with Textiles
  • Beauty and Wellness
  • Child Development
  • Gastronomy
Senior Secondary

In Years 11 and 12 students are given the opportunity to further their interests by completing either General subjects or Certificate II level courses which are VET qualifications recognised by both TAFE and Industry. Courses presently being offered are:

Year 11
• Children Family and the Community – General
• Food Science and Technology – General
• Certificate II Hospitality

Year 12
• Food Science and Technology – General
• Certificate II Community Services
• Certificate II Hospitality