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Technologies Staff

Name Role
Ms Lisa BarlowHead of Technologies
Mr Harleigh UrenTeacher in Charge and Design Technologies teacher
Ms Marnie Miller-ColeSecond in Charge and Digital Technologies teacher
Ms Yvette AlexanderHome Economics teacher
Ms Stephanie AlosiHome Economics Teacher
Ms Michelle ArmitageHome Economics teacher
Ms Jo ClarkeHome Economics teacher
Mr David BrittainDesign Technologies teacher
Ms Liesl De VriesHome Economics teacher
Mr Domenico DiodatoDesign Technologies teacher
Ms Lauren LeeHome Economics teacher
Mr Frederic LafitteDigital Technologies teacher
Mrs Yvette LongHome Economics teacher
Mr David ManceDesign Technologies teacher
Mr Rob DuncanDigital Technology
Ms Cassie MitchellHome Economics teacher
Mrs Sandy RossiniHome Economics teacher
Mr Alistair SnookDesign Technologies teacher